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Sara Mazloumsaki
Editor in Chief


Welcome to SARAjun! 
I'm delighted to welcome you to our 31st issue of SARAjun Magazine.

At SARAjun Magazine, we acknowledge the achievements of women here in the United Estates and around the world in every issue, regardless of any ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political differences. ...

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Art of Living

Folorunsho Alakija is the wealthiest black woman in the world; according to Forbes Africa, she is estimated to be worth a cool 3.3 billion dollars.61-year-old as Alakija grew up in a well to do polygamous family where she was the second of 52 children…

Moderen Living

In a world that is now more virtual than real, we find ourselves communicating with screens more often than we do real people. Online shopping has replaced the burden of driving to stores with limited stock, exercising now only requires a television and game console, and the online degree has disassociated education with a campus experience …

Your Relationship

Spring, the time when birds are busy building nests, the local newspaper is filled with mentions of newborn animals at the zoo, and couples are having their first picnics in the park. While it is mating season for birds, it is the dating season for singles! Aside from people in a relationship, who doesn’t want to be with a cutie all year?

Social Media

just the threat of a law suit can be enough for people to retract their statements, or prevent them from posting them at all. It can be seen as stifling the right to free speech, and preventing valuable consumer information from being created...


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